Is It A Six or A Nine?

26.09.2016 – Day 270

Is It A Six or A Nine?


Is It A Six or A Nine?I’ve looked at life from both sides now.

I’m not sure when the shoe dropped on this, whether it was in my early teens, twenties or even thirties, but when I finally understood how important it is to try and see a different perspective, it was both enlightening and just a tad frightening.

There are those times where you feel that you are so right. There are times when people even tell you that you are. You are so sure about your view, your “fact” and it’s unwavering accuracy. And then someone sees it differently. Someone sees it with a unique perspective and claims that the truth is different from your truth.

What I’ve learned is that to be right, that does not necessarily make someone with an opposing view wrong.

As this powerful image points out, there are many incidences in life when differing viewpoints are both right.

It’s hard lesson to learn in the first place, and it can become even harder and harder to maintain throughout your lifetime, especially as you become firmed grounded in your thoughts and views.

But, let me ask you this one favour, the next time you’re in a disagreement, ask yourself, “Could my six actually be that person’s nine?” And perhaps instead of spending effort arguing, you may want to spend some time, trying to see things from the other person’s perspective.


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