About or Aboot

The Geek Girl, a.k.a, Linda Johannesson, starts her very first blog!

This oh-so-convenient tool of modern communications technology will give us a central online place to share our lives with our friends as Chris and I embark on our new life TOGETHER. We will finally be living on the same continent. Our adventures Down Under will be chronicled through blog posts, notes, photos, videos and links detailing our activities. Okay, maybe not ALL of our activities!

I’ve started this blog prior to leaving, as I spend these last few weeks on home soil, in the hopes of capturing the copious details and variety of emotions associated with an event of this magnitude. We plan to post often so that we can all stay close, even though I’ve taken a huge leap across a very large pond.

I encourage you to visit here often, share comments, email photos, etc. of life in your world.  Also, let us know when you’re coming for a visit as we’d love to have you.  From what I’ve seen so far, it’s a fabulous country and I can’t wait to explore it with my honey –  and, hopefully, lots of our North American friends and family too.

The next phase of our adventure has begun and I look forward to the journey… join us, won’t you?


2 thoughts on “About or Aboot

  1. Linder, Linder, Linder. It’s not “a boot” it’s “a boat”. Sheesh.

    Serious, I’m so happy for you and a little sad as well. I’ll miss you, but at least now I have an excuse to go to Oz.

    Good luck girlie.


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