Doing It Different 30 Days At A Time


So this doing a different thing every day is hard to maintain. But, I’ve done it almost every day for six months, so I am pleased with my progress.

I’ve given some thought to how I will embrace the DIDs for the second half of the year and the approach I think I’ll take is that I may well embrace the “doing something different” for 30 days at a time, rather than one little thing each day.

This timeframe gives me enough time to dive deeper into a change rather than just skim its surface. It may well be instrumental in building new habits and behaviours. And, to be honest, I this will most likely challenge me more than the daily DIDs did.

I won’t abandon the dailies. But, I won’t commit to doing them every day. I will, however, periodically, do daily ones to punctuate these 30-day stints.

As I write this, I am on day 31 of my very first 30-day do it different initiative.

For the past 30 days, I have not had one sip of alcohol. None.

I had a night a while back where I drank too much, too fast, on too empty a stomach and got right smashed – embarrassingly so and it made me stop and take stock. I was ashamed of my behaviour and decided that I’d just be an adult and own it. And, take it that step further and do something about it.

So, I decided I’d stop drinking for however long I thought it made sense. Then I had the idea for the 30-day change thing so I combined the two and made the not drinking my first 30-day project.

There were a number of lunches, dinners, evenings out and social occasions where it was tough to order a glass of water or a lemon lime and bitters, but I was committed to it.

What I learned is that I don’t drink that often, and rarely at home unless we’re entertaining. But when I do, I drink far too much and too fast. I am just not able to process the alcohol or its sugars fast enough.

So after 30 days of not drinking, ordering a soft drink or a glass of water comes much more easily and is now more of a habit than ordering a beer or a wine.

I also think that I’ve gained a better appreciation for a quality drop too.

Unfortunately, my first drink after 30 days was airline wine. Yep, definitely not the best quality. So, instead of having a second one (they are free) I chose to have a soft drink.

As I write this, I’m on the cross-Pacific flight to Canada and I am looking forward to enjoying some fine Canadian beer when I get there and having a few wines with my besties.

But before I do, I’ll make a few observations.

My main learning from this experiment is that I much prefer being in control of my alcohol consumption than I am just drinking by habit or by a less conscious approach.

I hope to continue along a path of a more aware and conscious alcoholic consumption and hope not to repeat my behaviours from a few weeks back.

No one is at their best when they’re under the severe influence.

And, part of what this year of DID’s has taught me is that I want to act my way into being the best me I can be now and into the future.




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