Filling In The Blanks


It’s been over a week since I posted here and yes, I have fallen off the “do it different”  wagon. My last post was June 11 and it’s already the 20th. Before any more time passes, I thought it was time to play catch up and fill in the blanks.

Why the absence?

A number of reasons really.

First off, I’ve been sick. I had a vicious chesty cough that made me sound like a 90-year-old man with emphysema. It came on quickly and knocked me around for a few days so I had little energy for anything!

But, acknowledging that I too often go straight to the Dr asking for drugs, I decided to fight it naturally – I guess you could say that was doing something different. Okay,  there’s one day accounted for!

I also started focusing on my upcoming trip to Canada and generating some additional spending money for it. When work came in I did it and did it quickly and when it didn’t, I used the time to prepare for my trip, so that right up until the day I leave, should any work come in, I can leap onto it and get it done quickly. I guess that could also count as a do it different as I’ve been packed and ready to go for a few days now, more than a week in advance.

During my DID absence, I also attended a job interview with a fabulous company whose vision and mission I was captivated by. I met the CEO and the 2IC and just loved them – they seemed like professional, focused, upfront, stand-up guys who would be fabulous to work with. One was even Canadian!

I was one of four finalists being considered for the role and was holding my breath to learn my fate. I did a few days later. It was not what I had hoped. I had been beaten out by a candidate who had 20 years of experience in the industry. So, I had my cry, sent everyone who interviewed me a note that restated how much I’d love to work with them and left the door open for the future – as I suspect they will grow fast and furious, so who knows – there may be a shared future for us yet.  I guess this could be another DID as I don’t usually get emotionally connected to these opportunities as I know how they often go. I usually guard myself against this as I don’t deal well with disappointment. But I did let myself entertain the vision of me working with them and even envisioned myself quite comfortable in their offices and started entertaining ways I would tackle their challenges, but alas, it was not meant to be. At least not for now.

And, finally, another thing I’ve done rather differently was that I pitched a project to an existing client where my remuneration would be based solely on results. If they did well as a result, so did I. So, rather than them pay me an hourly fee or a project fee for these tools I’m developing for them, we have set up a commission structure based on the sales that will hopefully ensue as a result. It’s creative and I suspect it sets up a win-win for us both. Time will tell.

So, while I have not officially been doing things differently on a daily basis, I may have missed only a couple of days and I can deal with that.

This time has also given me pause to consider the depth of change I’m creating by skimming the surface of change.  As Chris had predicted at the beginning that the change I am affecting is rather superficial rather than going deep enough to enact dramatic change.

Given I am almost at the halfway point of this experiment, I may well reformat my change efforts for the balance of the year.  I’m definitely toying with a weekly or monthly DID instead of a daily one.

Do you have any thoughts on this? If you were me, would you continue with the daily commitment, do something different for 7 days, or for a whole month? I’d love to get some feedback from you!


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