Soft As A Baby’s

When you have fragrance allergies and sensitive skin finding toiletries that you can use can be a real challenge.

I have found very few moisturisers that I can use and have always found this frustrating. The end result is that I often skip this step in the beauty routine.

I’m getting older and it’s showing on my skin, so you have to know how happy I am to have found a new option.

I discovered it on Monday night when my little houseguest Isabelle was having her bath. Her mum finished up bathtime by applying a moisturising option I had not considered.

I figured if it was mild enough for Isabelle, it might work well for me.

What is it?

Organic coconut oil. Yep, the same stuff I’ve got in my kitchen cupboards

oilThe same stuff I love the taste of. The natural and organic miracle fruit.

I’ve tried it for the past few days and my skin feels absolutely marvellous.

In fact, it almost feels as good as Isabelle’s…almost!

Thanks, ladies, for such a great, and natural, answer to my skin challenge.

Plus, I just LOVE the smell.

And, it has so many other uses too. I must find where I can buy this in bulk!




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