Oh, Baby, That’s A Different Way To Spend A Day

Amid the looking for new projects, completing those already underway, and preparing for my trip to Canada, I had the chance today to do something different. And, I mean, really different!


I was asked if I could help Chris’ colleagues who are in town with their wonderful baby girl, Isabelle, by actually babysitting for the day.  While I haven’t done this in maybe 30 years, I was game.  Because she is just the cutest and the best behaved little girl and just like her parents, she’s fun to be around.

So, today was the day.

We played and we ate. We played and we danced. We played and we slept. We played and went for a walk and we played and we at some more.

This little girl was so much fun.

But I’ll admit it, I completely understand why child rearing is a younger person’s game.

I’m shattered!

But, my heart is full and I’ll treasure these special moments with Isabelle for a long time! Miss you and your cheeky grin already, Sweetie!


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