Fresh Without The Plastic


For today’s DID I changed up my usual grocery shopping habits. Like most people in Australia, I do most of my shopping at one or both of the major grocery chains – Woolies or Coles, with a dash of Aldi’s on the side.

The produce selection there is okay, the quality is okay, and the prices are okay, but quite often I am turned off by just how much plastic and packaging these chains use in the selling of fruits and vegetables, that, let’s face it, come in their own packaging.

So, today we ventured out to Paddy’s Flemington market to get ourselves some fresher, better quality, cheaper pricIMG_7511ed and less packaged fruits and vegetables for our weekly shop.

The market atmosphere, the freshness of the produce and the vast quantity and selection were just what we were after. We came home with a colourful variety of tasty treats, most with no additional packaging with the exception of two small plastic bags.

They say eating colourful is eating healthy, so healthy it is!


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