Kate’s Home And Away

We’ve heard her sing. We’ve seen her in countless live performances on stage, but today we had the pleasure of seeing our WAAPA grad on our very own television screen.

Today’s DID was a tad surreal. It was definitely different watching Kate’s debut appearance on the long running, true blue, Aussie night time soap opera, Home and Away!

Yep, that’s right, we watched a member of the family act her way into the lounge rooms of Australia.

Kate played Rebecca, a young, coquettish new love interest who spent just enough time with VJ to help him come to an important realisation.

We are all so proud of Kate’s success. Since she graduated, she’s had a role in the documentary “Is Australia Racist?”, her two episode appearance on Home and Away, a small role in an Australian action biopic, In Like Flynn, and she’s just landed a role in a stage production for young people that starts rehearsals next week.

Well done Kate Betcher, well done! With Kate’s skills and tenacity, we’re pretty sure she’s going to do great things! And if you want to keep an eye on what they are, you can find her on IMDB, right here!



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