A Wee Surprise

I have an elderly neighbour who I speak with from time to time while I’m out walking Buzz.

She lives alone and I suspect doesn’t get many visitors and family seems to live a distance away.

I learned a few days ago that she’s going in for knee surgery. I was going to drive her but it conflicts with a prior commitment.

Today I was up early and I got dressed, put Buzzie’s lead on him and we both went to her place and left her a wee gift that I hope helps to make her hospital stay a little better.

So, today’s doing it different is just that, leaving a small surprise gift that should come in handy. I hope she is thrilled and that it helps to make her day.

What I left for her was one of the handy little personal amenity bags they give you on Hawaiian Airlines – they’re filled with helpful things like an eye mask, ear plugs, moisturiser, a comb, etc..  and I added a lip balm (don’t know about you but I always find hospitals very dry).

So there, DID is done and it’s only 8:15 am!


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