Running Stats

Sometimes I wonder about myself.

Like tonight.

It’s late Friday afternoon. I’m done all the activities on my “to do” list for the day and I’ve still got a couple of hours before Chris arrives home from Canberra, so I figured, why not go for a run?

I’ve been “dabbling” with what I loosely call “running” lately and am trying to build myself back up to being a regular runner, okay, maybe “jogger” is a better word.

I recently installed the Strava app to track my runs and my anticipated progress.

Today would be its maiden voyage. I was eager to see what data Strava provided and see what insights it could deliver as I set out on my new running journey. It’s meant to give you times, distances, map your route, give you stats on pace and all kinds of data!

It’s meant to. But for it to deliver on all these information goodies, you actually have to turn it on properly.

Which, of course,  I didn’t. DOH!

So, the stats for today are a sad Strava 1 – Linda 0.

All was not lost though. Between my Fitbit and my general health app on my phone, I learned that I ran for 21 minutes and tracked approximately 2.5 km. So my stats are these:

13 Minutes 31.11 Seconds Per Mile
or 8 Minutes 24 Seconds Per Kilometer
or 4.44 Miles Per Hour
or 7.14 Kilometers Per Hour
or 119.05 Meters Per Minute
or 1.98 Meters Per Second
or 130.19 Yards Per Minute
or 2.17 Yards Per Second
So, ya, SLOW! But, I was out there and it may be slow, but it’s a whole lot faster than sitting still on the couch!
My goal is to get back to10 km per hour or better. The first 10K I every ran I did it in 58 minutes.
If the health benefits aren’t enough of a motivation, I just have to look back at the photos of when I ran regularly for some added inspiration. There’s certainly a whole lot less of me!
I can’t be that young again, but I could be that fit again.  And, I may well run another 10K in my lifetime but not sure my knees are up for another half marathon, but we’ll just have to see. I won’t know unless I try, right?
The next step on my running journey may well be to have Chris explain the Strava app to me over dinner or a nice cold beer!


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