Do You Make Phone Calls on Your Camera?


“The best camera is the one you have with you.”

I don’t know who’s quote this is, but I believe it to be true.

The reality is that my smartphone is more a “smartcamera” for me. I take way more photos than I do phone calls. As my friend recently remarked, “Who could have predicted that we’d be making phone calls on our cameras?”

I love taking photos. And, as many of you remark, I’m not so bad at it. I take the lion’s share of these photos on my iPhone. It’s nearly always with me. It’s quick and easy to use. It takes a good photo (not as good as the Pixel, but still good) and it’s best feature by far, is that it makes it dead easy to edit and share photos once you’ve snapped them.

It’s no wonder I use it most of the time.

In the quest to do something different today, I decided to dust off the old DSLR, charge her battery and take her out into the wild.

Today was a spectacular Autumn day with bright sunshine and just a hint of crispness to the air. It was the perfect kind of day to meet up with a friend, log almost 10 km trouncing around the city and explore one of our best parks, grab a coffee and have a catch-up chat.

That was today’s DID. I traded (okay, supplemented) my iPhone camera with a “real” camera and took some shots on my DSLR. Both of us did. Thanks Mark for being my photo-buddy today!

Actually, both of us did. Thanks, Mark, for being my photo-buddy today!

Can’t wait to see your photos.

Here are my photos from both “cameras”¬†– without looking at the photo data, can you tell which were from the Nikon and which were from the iPhone?


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