When Life Gives You Lemons…


This week on MasterChef it’s “Sweet Week”. I think it’s best that I don’t watch as just seeing sweet decadent desserts gives me ridiculous sweet cravings.,

And, last night I got sucked into watching and sure enough, the cravings started.

How could I satiate the cravings AND strict to my healthier eating regime?

Hmmm… that was the question.

I thought about baking. Then I thought about ALL THAT SUGAR!

How could I bake and not sabotage my cleaner eating?  Then i spotted a bag of coconut flour in the cupboard. Then I saw the lemons and I knew these were the beginnings of a recipe. So I turned to google and found this one for Coconut flour lemon pound cake.


Coconut flour is about a third of the carbs from wheat flour and the recipe uses maple syrup, high protein from the eggs, and coconut oil as the good fat. So, that was enough for me to try my hand a Doing It Different in the kitchen.

Not only is baking a different activity, using coconut flour is different yet again.

And speaking of different, the taste was fine, it was the heaviness of the consistency that found most different with this recipe, but I may have added a little too much flour. I’ve never been a stickler when it comes to measurements when I’m cooking. This is probably why baking just isn’t my thing.

But, I now have a tasty lemon pound cake that offers me a high protein, low carb breakfast option that I made myself.  I did not ice it but have since tried it with a dollop of greek yoghurt and a tiny bit of maple syrup and it was tasty.

The end result…




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