A Morning Marathon

I rarely ever leave the house before having my morning coffee. And, if I do, I couldn’t be expected to accomplish anything of note.

But, today my DID was to do both.

It was the day Chris had been training for for months. It was the Sydney Half Marathon. And what a spectacular day for it.

I accompanied Chris into the city to see him off and wish him well. Once he had found his people, stretched, and lined up, I left to go on a bit of a marathon of my own. I found image after image worthy of capture (see the Race Day photo album)  and was so wrapped up in the excitement and beauty of the morning I almost forgot about not having my morning coffee.

After catching Chris stride through the starting gates, I set off in search of some java. Over in Paddington, I found my sweet, hot, strong liquid love at Sonoma BakerySonoma Bakery . I may have also found one of their famous “Morning Buns” too. This was enough to get out of bed for!

My DID for today was capturing some early morning photos, recording Chris’ 1/2 marathon milestone,  leaving the house, and even logging over 5km of my own, all before even having the first sip of my morning coffee!



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