Wish Woolies Was More Like Salamanca


Today’s DID was a follow on from yesterday’s.

It was grocery shopping day. Armed with my new fresh, healthy focus, I approached the shop in a whole new way.

Woolies is definitely not on par with the Salamanca Markets found in “The Foodie State”, Tasmania,  (photo) but I shopped its aisles as best as I could. I took Barb’s advice and didn’t buy anything in a package.  Okay, dishwasher tabs, but I won’t be eating those!

I checked out with a cart full of fresh produce, mostly low GI vegetables. It had some lean meats and seafood, some healthy fats, some whole grains, nuts, aand a few other protein sources.  It only had two snack-type items but even those were a change from chips, biscuits, etc… one package of plain rice crackers and a small bag of wasabi peas.  No bread, no sweets, no treats, nothing packaged – just a big healthy shopping cart/trolley full of healthy, tasty goodness.

I keep repeating over and over in my head, “You can’t eat crap that you don’t buy.” So, today was a successful shop. I did not bring anything unhealthy into the house. And, I ate sensibly as a result.

Now, I must think about what I can make for dinner – this should be fun!




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