A Step In The Right Direction


Today I decided that I’d get serious about learning more about nutrition.

I need to be healthier. I need to eat better. I need to lose weight. This is one of the first steps.

Between pitching for new work like a machine today, I set aside an hour to cruise the web and find helpful information, tips, and hints on healthy eating, nutrition, and weight loss.

I know an hour barely scratched the surface, but the time limit was part of my strategy. I wanted to set a goal, learn some related information, and then take an action to embed what I’ve learned.

So after about 45 minutes of reading, I put together two documents to help me as I move forward with this new found knowledge (okay, it was more like a reminder of what I already knew but just wasn’t practising) and create some new healthy habits by actually practising it.

  1. A Healthy Eating Shopping List – outlining the best foods to eat for weight loss and nutrition
  2. Tips for Losing Weight – 11 actions I can take to aid in my pursuit better health and weight loss.

I think my favourite tip is this, “Shop smart. You can’t eat what you don’t buy.”

Tomorrow is grocery shopping day, so armed with my new tools, I’m going to try and shop differently and start the actions that I hope will become new habits before long.

I am also going to read these documents every day until the information is embedded in my brain and I start to see results on the scale.






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