Holy Cannoli, What A Car

The Italians do two things incredibly well – food and cars.

I’ve had a taste of the former but no experience with the latter until today.

Today I got my hands on a hot little Maserati that was nothing short of “fantastico”! This little gutsy Gran Turismo was just as they say, “Distinctive. Dramatic. And, demanding to be driven.”

The hum of her engine, the fine soft leather seats that wrapped themselves around you in a welcoming embrace, and the steering that seemed anticipate every turn.

Ah, this masterful machine was “attivo”!

After driving her I was left with only two thoughts – one, I must experience more of the Italian way of life, and, two, I needed gelato to cool myself down after being so close to this hot little number.

Okay, maybe a third thought came to mind too – if you don’t have a DID for the day you could always take a photo or two and make one up – just like I did today!

(I promise I won’t do this often, but on days when I had a really tough time doing something different, I may allow myself to dream a little – just like I did today – hey, it’s my blog, my rules)




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