Connecting After 40+ Years!


Our teachers can have such an incredible influence on us. And for many, this influence isn’t realised until much later in our lives, so the opportunity to say, ‘thank you’ to them is a rare experience. This is especially true if you’ve moved countries, or continents, in my case.

But today, thanks to the power of Facebook, I was grateful for the opportunity to thank one of the best and most influential teachers of my school life, Mr Joe Croteau, my grade six teacher at St Benedict’s school in Etobicoke.

For today’s DID, I enjoyed a lovely lunch with Joe, and Chris, right here in Sydney of all places. Today I had the chance to thank him for the influence he had on my life and to catch up on what had been happening in his. I had written a blog post about the impact he had on me a while back and made reference to the lessons he taught me in another post. However, I had not had the pleasure of seeing him in person in over 40 years.

We IMG_6954had a look at my treasured, “Grammar is Important” book and took a nostalgic look at a couple of old St Benedicts’ yearbooks while I passed on a number of messages from other students of his with whom I’m still in contact with today.

So, yep, today’s DID was pretty special.

I am heartened to see proof of life serving up good things for good people and to see that Joe is continuing to travel the world, enjoy the wonderful people in his life (especially the children), and that he remains the big personality that made an equally large impression on that little girl in his year six class back in Rexdale so many years ago.

It was great to see you, Joe, especially sweet that it happened here in Sydney, in my new home, so far away in years and distance from when and where we first met.


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