I Went To Greece Today

Still not well so I didn’t venture out today.  I’m getting there but was too slowly for my liking.

After some light housework, some accounting, and some socialising, I was again stumped by what to do for today’s DID.

Instead of parking my butt in front of the TV, I looked to another screen instead.

I opened up my laptop, opened up YouTube then decided I’d take a wee cyber-trip.

I wasn’t really up to “travelling” but I figured why not explore somewhere I’d like to go eventually, so I did.

I ended up watching two videos about Greece.

I learned a few new facts about the country of my grandfather’s birth and was also able to take a glimpse into some of the top spots where many travellers (more people than actually live in the country) flock to see every year. I wonder if items 5 and 6 on this list are related! Just sayin’.

I was surprised by how contemporary and modern it seemed in so many places. From what I saw, the Greek Islands, Santorini, Zagori, Sithonia, Delphi, Crete and Mykonos.

I’m sold. Yep, this is yet another spot to add to the travel bucket list.




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