Trading In Harvey For Dory

This better be my last housebound day or I’m gonna #loseit!

I’ve had a persistent cold/flu now for a few days. Quite frankly it’s knocked me on my keester. So I haven’t been very good at doing my DID’s – or getting out of the house for that matter.

And, while this is an attempt at doing something different, it’s still rather lame, but I’m not capable of much more than that today so it will have to do. (For you Judgy McJudgers out there – you try doing something different every single day for over four months! I dare ya. In fact, I double dog dare ya!)

So, I’ve told you about my new love affair with both Netflix and Suits, right? Well, let’s just say we’ve been getting pretty intimate, spending A LOT of time together over these past few days – in between sleeping, hacking up a lung, and spitting up my weight in mucous. TMI?

It’s astounding that even in a few short days you can establish the beginnings of a habit. And I was.

Squeezed between what we’ll call Phase I of my sick day – getting up, scanning the social stream, looking for new work, having coffee and doing a bit of housework and Phase III falling asleep mid sentence ’cause all this hacking and sniffling and blowing takes a lot of energy, there came Phase II. That was to plunk my butt on the red lounge, cover myself with a blankie, and watch a few episodes of Specter and Co. where I would also enjoy playing “I spy with my little eye somewhere I know in Toronto”.

So, for my DID for today, I said no to this addictive dramedy and instead opted to watch something about as different a diversion as you can get – an animated movie. I cannot remember the last time I watched an animated movie. Maybe a year or more ago.

Today I watched Finding Dory.


It was a colourful and amusing sweet and triumphant story of friendship and overcoming adversity. While it had its little twists and turns,  I didn’t find it quite as emotionally moving as Finding Nemo.

And, in other news, I am also pleased to say that I actually got out of the house today…TWICE! Once to do a bit of grocery shopping and the other to take Buzz (the name of another great animated character) on a short walk.

Here’s hoping that tomorrow I’ll be back to my old self again ’cause honestly if I’m going to spend any more time with the suits at Pearson, Specter, Litt, I may just have to start billing them!




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