You Two DID It – Thanks!

So this is how the DID for today went. I knew I wasn’t up to doing one, so I put a call out on Facey…

What have you done differently lately? I’ve been pretty much housebound for two days so falling behind on my DIDs – so I’m turning it over to you. What have you done differently lately?

And you didn’t disappoint.

These two responses took me down two distinct lines of thought.

Firstly, I had never heard of the Jane Jacob walks.

They describe these walks as free self-organized walks and discussions led by committed citizens sharing their knowledge about and love for places. Positioned as


This is a wonderful community focused idea and I’m going to have to add attending or hosting one to my list for a future DID. So, thanks, Steve!


And the second response made me both happy and a tad sad.

Allanah has just had the very first pedicure of her life — on her 60th birthday!


I’m glad that she did something nice for herself or someone else coaxed her into doing it.

The thing about Allanah is that she’s had a tough year or so, with some serious health battles and she’s been a true legend in dealing with it all.  If there’s someone who deserves a little pampering, it’s this lady.

It saddens me to see that it took so long to enjoy this simple indulgence many of us take for granted. It makes me think about the quote,

pornLife is short. Take the trip. Buy the shoes. Eat the cake.”

Especially you women.

In fact… This other quote is something for us all to think about.

Thanks, Allanah and Happy Birthday!

The next time you’re in Sydney – Pedicures are on me!


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