Shouting Directed At Tourists

IMG_6891It’s another fabulous day in sunny Sydney today and it’s the perfect day for travellers to meet and explore our gorgeous city.

I travelled into the CBD today for the 2nd meeting with a company that I’m truly hoping will become my newest client.


I felt energised from these discussions and given that it was such a stellar day, I figured I’d treat myself to a cup of coffee by the harbour before I jumped on the train toward home.

While sipping my almond cappuccino, I spotted two young gentlemen next to me with their Australia travel guide. I suspect they were speaking German and it was obvious that they weren’t from here – they were unhurried, carried backpacks, and were pouring over their Australia travel book, so I thought it was a safe bet.


I pondered my own travels and how I appreciate them as being one of the best experiences for the soul.

Then it hit me. I could make their day and maybe even their whole travel experience even better.

I needed to do something different today, so as I left, I asked the waitress what they had – two cups of coffee and a muffin. Yep, I could cover that (especially if this new gig comes through).

So, I did.

I told the waitress to tell them that the lady next to them shouted them their coffees and muffin as a “Welcome to Australia!” – hopefully, it will add to positive experience they have here and put an ever bigger smile on their happy tourist faces.

So, that was my DID for today – not quite buying the coffee for that person behind me in the Tim Horton’s drive-thru, but close!

I’m sure it made an impact on those two tourists at Portobello Cafe in East Circular Quay.


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