The Irony Of Lunch

Today’s DID was an ironic one.

Let me back up. I met my friend Kim in the city today to have a long overdue catch-up lunch. We agreed that we’d find an Asian restaurant and figured we’d just trounce around the Haymarket/Chinatown area until we found something suitable. So we did.

Kim mentioned that she’s been following my DIDs and that she thought that I should actually be pushing myself even further outside my comfort zone.  It’s something Chris has mentioned too and I actually agree with both of them. So, come May I’m gonna step it up a notch, so if you’ve got any ideas, let me hear them!

Kim and I talked about what we should order and that I should eat something that not only would I never eat, but something I was actually strongly opposed to eating. I was strangely okay with that until Kim suggested ordering for me instead. I agreed. I didn’t even look at the menu and put my trust in her.

Truth be told, I was nervous about what she would come up with. Kim’s lived in various places and Japan was one of them – she’s eaten all sorts of thing that have never passed these lips. Between her experience, her knowledge of the cuisine, and her earlier comment about me stepping it up a notch, I was scared!

Thankfully, I got off easy.  That’s the ironic part.

Our lunch consisted of fresh crab California rolls, oyako-donburi aka mother & child (a chicken and egg rice dish) and octopus balls aka takoyaki with men taiko mayo (cod roe with chilli in mayonnaise). All were quite tasty and I had no issues with any of them. Japanese comfort food is the phrase that best describes them. Nothing horrible tasting, nothing gross, nothing that burned going down, just tasty treats.

Kim confessed a little later that she just ordered what she likes. And I have no problem with that because I tried two dishes I have never eaten, I didn’t have to eat chicken cartilage or wasp crackers or fermented fish guts. And, I got some feedback that reminded me to push myself further with this ‘do it different’ project.

Thanks, Kim The irony of you going so easy on me while encouraging me to go harder on myself was not lost on me!



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