Three Guys, Two-Up, and One Happy Lady!

Finally, after spending nine Anzac days here in Australia, I finally played the traditional Australian gambling game of Two-Up that was created by Aussie diggers so many years ago.

It’s only legal to play here one day each year. That day is Anzac Day – today.  So, among the commemorations, the marches, the sunrise services, the bagpipes, the beer drinking, the storytelling, the medal wearing and the honouring of heroes here and gone,  many an RSL club will have a spirited game of two-up going on throughout the day.

I joined three friends already celebrating at the ‘Northies Club’ and tried my hand at Two-Up. Craig was wonderful in explaining how it was played. The other three of us were Canadian and hadn’t played before. So, after some basics, I put up my hand to be the spinner, grabbed the kip, and tossed the coins in the air a few times.  I also placed a few side bets and think I ended up +$10. So, in joining Mark, Damin, and Craig, I got my chance to enjoy my inaugural Two-Up experience and some great company at the same time. Chris was out of town, but both he and I agreed that I wasn’t going to sit this holiday out.

Given my commitment to doing things differently, I was hoping that I wasn’t waiting another year to give this Aussie tradition a go, so thanks, guys for helping make Two-Up my DID of the day.

I also spent a few hours watching the Anzac Day March in the CBD on my own, or as on your own as you can be surrounded by thousands of others showing their support for Australia and the men and women who have defended, fought for, and even lost their lives in support of their great nation.

I am always moved by the show of solidarity among those out today. I am moved by the emotion still raw on the faces of ex-army, navy, air force men and women as they march decades later. I am inspired by the throes of young people who have taken up the call of defending our nation and for this great country and I remain hopeful that battles like those being remembered today will not be repeated. And that war will eventually become a thing of the past.

Here’s a very Aussie explanation of the rules of Two-Up…


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