I Like Being Ignored, Even Less Than I Like Being Fleeced

read that

Today’s DID was overdue, but it was also very difficult for me to do, or, to not do, as is the case.

Today I put an end to my recent behaviour toward an ex-client that operates in the #recruitment space, specifically, hiring for #digitaljobs

As many of you know, I was stiffed by this client who I had worked very hard for and who I thought had a solid brand proposition and could really make a difference in an industry that is ripe for change. I provided strong strategy, industry guidance, compelling content, and great ideas and plans for a strong future where I thought we’d create strong growth together.

But, that didn’t happen.

I really don’t take well to behaviour that, in my eyes, is equal to stealing. And, I certainly don’t take well to getting no explanation for it and being treated so disrespectfully.

I may have acted differently if the guy.. hmmm let’s call him, Michael, had said, you know I’m having some financial difficulty, I won’t be able to pay you until… or if he said, I’ll pay the oldest invoice and it might be a while until I can pay the next one, or …. I’m having a tough time, my life has gone to ratshit,  can you give me a few months to get back on my feet.. or… I don’t know, offer some reason, any reason, some form of communication rather than dead silence around why he’s breaking our contract and not paying me what he owes me, let alone not going forward with what was supposed to be a much longer engagement.

I know this happens in business and ya, there may be stuff going on with him that I’m not privy to.

But, this whole situation got me quite pissed. I did good, no, great work for him, I did more than was asked, stuck by him when others didn’t, even paid for a flight to #CoffsHarbour for a face to face meeting to get the work in the first place, and this is the kind of treatment I get.

I realised months ago that I’ll probably never see the money, so I thought to myself, if I’m not going to get the money, maybe I’ll indulge myself in some small sadistic pleasure (not a side of me I’m proud of) and annoy the fuck out of him in the hopes that he’ll pay, just to get some peace.

So for a few weeks, now, possibly months, I’ve been texting, calling, tweeting, calling, emailing, texting, calling, tweeting, asking him to pay the two invoices that are outstanding.

No explanations, but I did receive threats from him, which only fuelled the fire. He threatened legal action against me for “harassment”, that was rich, but I told him that there was a very easy, very simple way to stop what he referred to as “harassment” and that was to do what he should have done in the first place…. PAY ME!

Apparently, I’m not the only one that, hmmm…. let’s call him as Mr Cant (yep, should have been my first clue!) isn’t paying – I’ve learned that he’s stiffed other suppliers and staff as well.

Yep, a real class act. NOT!

But for today’s DID, I have stopped the communication to him. I hope those others who have launched legal proceedings against him, get their due. I have resigned myself to the fact that I won’t and I’ll have to just write it off.

But, no more energy can be spent on this. I tried and when I lost, at least I had a bit of fun trying to regain what was rightfully mine.

But that’s over. Only positive thoughts from now on. I will continue to provide, even over-provide for clients because that’s what I do.

And, no matter how hard it might be sometimes, I will find a way to pay my bills because that’s just the kind of person I am.

If you’re not that way too, I certainly don’t want to do business with you.




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