A Bad Ass Biker Chick!

ba.JPGToday Chris gave me the “tingly in the pants feeling”!

But not how you might think.

I’ve always been leery of motorcycles. In fact, I saw three of my high school classmates die as a result of motorcycle accidents – the sweetest of whom was Brian Jennings, my homeroom buddy from TCI.

So, when Chris got his first bike (scooter), I was a tad concerned. He rode that for a while and then got a new, more powerful bike, a Honda NC700 Integra, which he is still really enjoying.

Up until today, I had been on the bike a total of twice for two tiny, short trips around the neighbourhood. He’s asked a bunch more times, but I haven’t been game.

For today’s DID I said yes and went for my first serious ride with him. It delivered thrills, chills, angst, pride, enjoyment, and,  under acceleration, yes, that “tingly in the pants” feeling.

Feel the fear and do it anyway“, would be how I would sum up today’s DID.  I was scared. I have no problem admitting that. But, I know how good a driver and rider Chris is and I had to trust that he’d keep us safe.

There were moments when my heart was ready to pound through my chest, but after a while, I relaxed a bit and took in the views and started really enjoying the ride. We got up to speeds of 60km, 80km and even up to almost 110km per hour and I held on in spite of the fear. We even experienced a bit of rain for an added challenge.


What was originally going to be an hour or less on the bike ended up being two. We cruised to and through the gorgeous Royal National Park We stopped and took a walk around the park to stretch our legs and snapped up the chance to take some photos of its natural splendour.

Check out the photos

After that, we only had to stop once for hip cramping.

My DID today was being a brave bad-ass biker chick. And I feel better for having conquered what I’ll admit has almost been a lifelong fear.

Yep, “Feel the fear and do it anyway.” Might be a good mantra for life!


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