The Business Of Doing Things Differently


I could use more, or, at least, a more consistent flow of work coming in. So I went looking today.

I found Prozely and it might be the answer. It’s a content marketplace, featuring hundreds of high-quality Australian writers across a broad range of industries.

It’s an Aussie-based service that describes it’s mission like this,

Our mission is to fill the internet with beautiful sentences that help our customers’ businesses. Our company was born when we realised that there was a lot of poorly written, pseudo-Australian writing polluting the internet.

I don’t think sentences should be ‘beautiful’. They should be accurate and grammatically correct. They should clearly communicate an idea, statement, or question. But calling them beautiful diminishes their power – it would be like calling Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook COO, ‘pretty’ over referring to her as, ‘powerful’.

Here’s how I would have written this same mission statement…

We fill the internet with powerful messages that communicate clearly so they better serve our customers and their businesses. Prozely’s mission is to replace the poorly written, pseudo-Australian prose polluting the web, with authentic, accurate, and compelling Australian content.


I think so.

And, I might even share it with them when I register.

Today’s DID was revising Prozely’s mission statement.  I love that their entire business model is built on doing things differently!


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