My Gut Says, “Yeah, Baby”

Today’s DID was going on an actual job interview.

Yes, after almost five years on my own, I’m considering taking a job. But not just any job.

My preference would definitely be a part-time role that really challenges me and gives me the opportunity to work on much larger and meatier projects that I am able to as an independent freelancer.

Today I met with a couple of pretty switched on guys who have formed an inspiring agency. I came out of our discussion with three strong feelings. One, I sincerely like these guys and what they stand for. Two, I could see myself working with them. And, thirdly, I think I could do great things with and for them.

I hope they feel the same.

This could well be the beginning of a great relationship, but it also might not.

I’ll stay positive and will definitely share more soon!


One thought on “My Gut Says, “Yeah, Baby”

  1. I heard back from them – apparently, I wasn’t nearly as good a fit as another candidate. Ah well, we’ll stay in touch – you never know where we may find a chance to work together.

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