Flip It. Flip It Good.


It all started innocently enough. My DID for today just kind of happened.

Chris, Jeff, (our guest from San Diego) and I were enjoying some Vietnamese food and a post-lunch bottle of water each when someone (I think Chris) started trying to flip his water bottle on the counter.

We’ve all seen the water bottle flipping videos. If not, here’s one.

Monkey see. Monkey do.

It was game on.

So, there we were, Jeff, Chris and I, all 150+ years of age between the three of us having a full on water bottle flipping competition in the kitchen.

Many worthwhile attempts were made by each of us – a couple that got so close  Then, just as Chris was ready to give up and toss in the towel rather than the bottle, mine worked! I flipped my bottle and got it to stand up.

I now hold the house title.

If anyone would like to challenge me, then come on over. I’ll even supply the water bottle.

We’ll be sure to film the next one though!


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