Oh, The Humanity…

cardsCards Against Humanity – Funniest game, ever!

If you haven’t played it, you must. If you have, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

My first time playing this makes it into my DID for today.

A warning, though – it’s thoroughly inappropriate. Our hosts said, “If you’re not concerned about going to heaven, you should play.” The game even promotes itself as “the party game for horrible people.”

And now I see why.

So the basics of the game are there is one stack of cards that give you fill in the blank questions, phrases, statements, etc., then each player picks from their various answer cards the one option they think will get the most laughs, appeal to the person judging the options, etc.

What you end up with is some pretty bizarre combinations and copious amounts of laughter!

Don’t believe me?

Try it for yourself!

P. S. – I was happy to have won my first ever game, but I’m not quite sure what that really says about me!


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