A Sunny Disposition


I almost never do this at home.

When I go on vacation, yes. When I go to the beach, usually. But, at home, nope.

Today was different.

It was our first full day home after our Hawaii trip and I’ll admit to going through withdrawal – from having the ocean a short walk away, having to pass two pools to get there and being out enjoying the sunshine on most days, the thought of staying inside and working and doing housework wasn’t appealing.

So, for today’s DID, I actually took 20 minutes out of my day and lay in the sun in the backyard. It felt so wonderful and while it’s not Hawaii, it did warm those cold cockles of my heart and gave my vacation tan a bit of a lift. And, given Sydney has been raining for the better part of the last month, it was a rare occasion to be able to go out and enjoy the sunshine.

While laying there, I actually remembered a time in my teens when we would spend hours laying in the sun, slathered only in baby oil or an SPF 5 or 10. What were we thinking?

It was a nice break during a busy day that was both calming and re-energising. I may just have to work this into my regular routine.



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