The Best Way To Start Departure Day

It was the dreaded departure day.We had an airport shuttle scheduled for an 8:30 am

We had an airport shuttle scheduled for an 8:30 am pickup, so it meant an early start.

Given that we had the night before and knowing we could eat at the airport, we figured we could squeeze one more indulgence in before we left the Waikiki Marriott Resort and Spa.

So, I set the alarm for 5:30 and both Chris and I were ready to visit the pool for when it opened at 6 am for a refreshing morning swim without the usual throngs of loud kids jumping, screaming, and taking over the pool area.

We had forgotten that there was also a hot tub there, so we started with it first.

It felt sooooo good.

It was just what the doctor ordered. After a whole lot of swimming and logging over 100,000 steps in 7 days, that’s over 80 km folks, many of my muscles were screaming at me.

The hot tub did the trick and loosened me up relieving a great deal of pain and tightness in my hips, legs and feet specifically.

Today, I started my day with about 20-30 minutes in a hot tub and was so much more flexible and nimble as a result. I wish I could start every day this way! Or, every day in Hawaii, or both!





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