Enjoying Some Retail Therapy

I didn’t really think that I had done much different today, but it dawned on me that I actually had.

The key goal today was to enjoy some retail therapy. That in itself is different enough for I rarely shop for pleasure back at home.


Honolulu boasts one of the biggest outdoor malls in the country, the Ala Moana Center. So, there I went.

The mall is serviced by local transportation options, but as you might have guessed here on the island, that means buses and trolleys. While back in Sydney I am a regular train passenger, I’m not a fan of buses and rarely set foot on one, let alone ride them twice in a day.


One of my favourite North American stores is Old Navy. They offer a great variety of casual clothing that seems to fit my lifestyle. Not known for their quality, but rather for variety and price, I can always find a few pieces to add to the wardrobe when I finish. Unlike shopping in Sydney, they are reasonably priced and sizing is not a problem.

I also purchased a few small gifts today and one or two for myself, just little Hawaiian reminders.

Another thing I did today, that I haven’t done since this time last year was to purchase a Cinnabon cinnamon bun. This is a decadent indulgence that I am very happy is not available to me every day at home.

There were a few different experiences today, nothing life changing or really out there, but enough of a difference to keep it interesting.

Okay, time to go…there’s  Cinnabon bun calling my name.



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