A Hawaiian Swim

It’s been almost a year since I’ve done this.

While not radically different, it’s quite an infrequent indulgence so I’m going to count it as today’s DID.

The best part was that I got to share today’s DID with some pretty special people.

Part of it I did on my own. Some of it was with Chris and another part of it was shared with an incredibly special young lady who was doing it for her very first time.

Can you guess what this activity was that we all shared?

Today we all went swimming in Hawaii.

I began today’s swims with a quick dip in one of our hotel’s two pools just to cool myself from the heat of the early afternoon. A few hours later I was fortunate enough to be with Isabelle and her mum Kimberley as Isabelle first dipped her tiny toes into the central Pacific Ocean. Why not start in the middle of the body of water that connects the two countries to which you belong?

A little while after that, Chris and I enjoyed an unhurried late day swim that ended up in witnessing the spectacular sunset.

I might not do it often, but I have been lucky enough to enjoy it annually over the past few years. Some spend a lifetime never experiencing it at all.

There’s just something magical about swimming here in Hawaii. No matter what’s going on in your life, swimming here gives you  that break, that fix, that elixir, that welcome reprieve that just seems to make everything else that little bit better.

Something tells me Isabelle may learn this little secret early in her life and will be blessed by its benefits throughout her years.




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