Isabelle In Real Life


isabThere are very few small children in my life at the moment.

Most “kids” I know are now in their 20’s.

Yes, I really am that old!

Today, I had the rare opportunity to spend some precious time with the darling doe-eyed Isabelle.

She is the child of two of Chris’ work colleagues and she is the most adorable and happy child I’ve met in a long, long time.

Unfortunately for us. This fabulous family lives in Melbourne so while popping over for a coffee chat is doable, it requires a short domestic flight.

I hadn’t seen Isabelle (other than on the other end of the computer screen and through her Insta updates) for a few months.

Today’s visit was an absolute joy. I just love this kid. She’s totes adorbs, happy,  smart, inquisitive and not shy in the least – given who her parents are, that’s no surprise.

This tiny bundle of potential just makes my heart sing (and my ovaries ache) and I was grateful to spend time with her today – judging from her giggles and smiles, I suspect she might have enjoyed our visit too.



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