Leap And The Net Will Appear

jumping-off-cliff.jpgI did it.

It’s certainly not something I do every day, but I’ve been known to do it a few times before. And there are quite a few people who are happy

I wasn’t sure how I’d swing it this year. I’m still not certain how I’ll afford it, but, “leap and the net will appear” right?

Well, I’m leaping!

I better get busy and get some new projects coming in so that I can pay for a net.

What is ‘it’?

In case you haven’t yet guessed, it’s a trip back to Canada.

Yep, I booked my flights today. Yippee!

I’m coming, people. I’m coming!

I’ll be there for four whole weeks and the best news yet, I’ll be there for Canada’s 150th celebrations.







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