A Walk in The Park

Today’s DID was quite literally ‘a walk in the park’.

Chris has signed up to run a half-marathon in May. This is a huge goal and I’m really proud of him for embracing it. But, it requires some dedicated training. So, he also decided to attend some training sessions with his fellow runners and tonight was the first one.

Rather than sit at home while he goes in and does it, I figured I’d accompany him and spend time with him before he starts travelling again. They hold these sessions in the city so I went in with him. While he was running with his new tribe, I took to a slower paced walk on my own instead.

They started at The Art Gallery of NSW. I started at Circular Quay. I trotted around past the passenger terminal and then through The Rocks, then through The Quay, over to the Opera House, then through the Botanical Gardens (a.k.a. the park) then cutting up to the Art Gallery and then down to Mrs. MacQuarie’s chair, then back to the Art Gallery where I met up with Chris who had just finished.

These are a few of the things I spied along the way!

While via different routes, we both clocked some decent distance.

Then heading to dinner we added about 3-4 km more. So today’s DID made clocking 10 km ‘a walk in the park’ and it definitely beat sitting on the lounge watching Married at First Sight!

It also has helped me with my new goal of logging at least 10km each day by walking, running, cycling, hiking, swimming, etc. Why not? I’ve been doing 15 km a day lately so the new goal of 10km should be just like tonight, ‘a walk in the park’.

Don’t be surprised if I call you soon and ask you to go for a walk!


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