A New Diet


It was a  gorgeous day in Sydney today and after making a few phone calls, having a couple of chats, doing a bit of work, gardening, walking the dog, walking myself around the neighbourhood,  I ended up with nothing to do and no one to do it with.  So, I turned to my good friend the television (after I had a wee bit spat of feeling sorry for myself and a slight FOMO attack)

Chris has heaps of work to do before he goes away and we’ve been out a lot lately, so he needed to tunnel through it today and I definitely don’t begrudge him that. Thankfully, a while back we got Netflix so there are still a few interesting finds to watch that I’ve never seen (or even heard of) before.

I guess you could say that doing Netflix is doing TV differently.

So that was my rather lame DID for today. I discovered a new show, Santa Clarita Diet.

A friend recommended it recently so I thought I’d check it out. I cosied up on the lounge, adjusted the volume, and I was pleased to see one of my favourites, Drew Barrymore appear on the screen. Apparently, the character of Sheila was written with her in mind.

There was some witty banter, a few other actor faces I recognised and the story moved along. Then it REALLY got my attention – if you watch it, you know the scene in the first episode that  I’m talking about! Apparently, my friend neglected to issue a GROSS warning with her recommendation about this zombie in the suburbs comedy. Or, she did, and I had forgotten… but eeewwww!!! I should have known.

Normally I would have turned the TV off at that, but the situation was just so absurd, the acting pretty good, the premise… unique, the laughs, well timed and unexpected, so I kept watching. It wasn’t too hard to watch a little Nathan Fillion, even though he played a skanky character.

Well, didn’t he get what he deserved?

Yep, today’s DID wasn’t anything that challenged me, unless we’re talking about keeping food down.

I definitely think I’ll give it a few hours between watching and having dinner though.

If you had seen this scene, you would too!






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