To Be, Or Not To Be?

Sometimes my DIDs just seem to present themselves to me. They happen quite unexpectedly without a whole lot of planning.

I know this might sound contrary to what I’m meant to be doing with this DID exercise, but what all this has taught me is that there are opportunities to do things differently everywhere — if you’re open to seeing them.

Today I had a hair appointment at my regular salon and all the usual suspects were working. They really are a fabulous group of women and I so enjoy going there. They are friendly, funny, and they remember so much about their customers that it’s scary.

Today, I’m getting my hair coloured and trimmed and I notice how lovely Kiara’s eyebrows looked so I commented. This led to me asking what options there were for doing eyebrows and then, poof, just like that, the beauty therapist was there showing me the difference that can be had by simply applying eyebrow powder. Who knew? I sure didn’t.

I loved the look and it was something I could do myself. Okay, that was it, my enhanced eyebrows were going to be my doing things differently for today. Too easy.



Then Kiara asked how my doing things differently project was going (she remembered us speaking about it last time) so we all got to chatting about it and what other things I could do in the future.

Thanks to the lovely ladies at To Be Hair, Skin & Body I left with a great hairstyle, enhanced colour, a fab eyebrow fix and a whole list of great ideas for upcoming DIDs.

I also suspect a few of them were thinking of things they might do differently too! They may well have been asking the question, “Is it to be, or not to be?”

Thanks, Ladies – I’ll let you know how your suggestions go!


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