The Things To Do In Barangaroo!

What better time to explore than a Friday night.


I was charged with making the social plans for Friday night.

Given that Chris was spending the day at The Goog… we figured it might be nice to go somewhere nearby. The choice was easy. Barangaroo!

It was an easy train ride directly into Wynyard station for me and a central spot to meet up with the others.

Not only does Barangaroo house some rather large multipurpose buildings, it’s home to a growing number of bars and restaurants and it hugs the waters of Darling Harbour, so it’s a lovely spot to spend an autumn evening.

This was the spot for today’s DID,  a three-parter, one that was all held together by the common thread known as Sydney’s newest precincts, Barangaroo.

First I walked the Wynyard Walk the tunnel to Barangaroo for the first time. It’s huge and airy and a well located covered city walkway.

Then, it was my first visit to Bungalow 8, a great spot to unwind after the workweek and watch the sun go down. It had been a long time since I’ve enjoyed after work drinks – my office doesn’t do that a lot.Finally, we enjoyed a tasty dinner outside near the harbour as Meat District Co as the sun settled on another work week.

Finally, we all enjoyed a tasty dinner outside right next to the harbour at Meat District Co where we watched as the sun settled on another work week.

A fabulous Friday night out with some great people finding things to do differently in Barangaroo






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