There’s An Al In My Kitchen!

We don’t get to see Alex and Kate nearly enough these days.

They’re both adults with full and active lives. They’re both balancing relationships, friends, and jobs – and Alex still has Uni to boot.

Today was one of those rare lucky days we got to have time with them both.

Early in the day, we had some time with Kate and she was in fine form – funny and engaging.

Later in the day we also had a great visit with Alex

A while back, Chris was promised a dinner made by Al as a gift. Al is known for his Paella and that was the dinner promised.

So, for something different today, I turned over the kitchen to Chef Al.

And, oh am I glad I did.

Al whipped up his signature dish and it was Paella a la Al for all.

It was delicious. Definitely worth the wait. And yes, we all went back for seconds.

Thanks, Al. Not only are you a good man, you’re a good cook too!


Alex. I’ll turn over my kitchen to you any day!


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