It’s Show Time!

Today’s activity partner was the magnanimous Mark, my good friend, fellow Sydneysider, and Torontonian-at-heart.

We met up in the city went for a walk around Surry Hills, dodged the raindrops (mostly) and discussed lots of interesting topics, including a few potential ideas for today’s DID. After trying a few on for size, we happened upon the perfect one. Our walk had led us to Darling Harbour where today’s DID literally stared me right in the face.

I had seen it go through its various phases of development and wasn’t even sure if it was finished.Today was the day to go inside!

Today was the day to go inside!

Mark and I ventured across the well-manicured foreground,  up the steps, and inside the massive complex, into The International Convention Centre Sydney (ICCS).


For all the stats on it’s expanded capacity have a read. For a few glimpses into its clean, airy and sprawling interior have a look at the photos.

I can’t wait to attend my first show in this new building. There’s just something about the energy of these huge hubs of conference and meeting activity that is enticing. Makes me long for my trade show marketing days.

Thanks for a great afternoon, Mark, and for not only helping me log part of my 15 km for the day but for sharing in today’s DID, even if it wasn’t something we did when we were young(er)!


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