Tourist For A Day

titleWhy not be a tourist for a day in your own city?

Most of us experience only a fraction of what our own cities have to offer. So, with the need to log 15 km for day 2, the chance to catch up with the affable Nadia, and living in one of the world’s most interesting harbour cities, it made perfect sense to don my tourist hat and head into the city for a mini adventure.

Nadia and I met up in Circular Quay, where if you’re looking out to the harbour you’ll see the imposing and iconic Harbour Bridge to the left and the sails of the Opera House peeking out to the right.

We went left.

Our goal, beyond chattering away and a good girlie catch up, was to walk from Circular Quay to King St Wharf via Barangaroo. The afternoon had changed from rain to a mix of sun and clouds so that made for a warm and pleasant walk. I’ll let the photos tell the story.

Once Nadia left, I continued on with a trot around Darling Harbour, a little window shopping, a spot of people watching, then I caught the ferry from there back to Circular Quay (which I had never done) and walked right around the Opera House with all the other tourists until sunset. Then I hopped on the train to Revesby station and walked home from there.

Trust me when I say that my feet were happy to head to bed early. As I drifted off, besides being tired, I felt a little like I was on vacation. What a lovely few hours I had had playing tourist in my own city.

That was my DID for today.

Oh, and according to the Fitbit,  I logged over 20,000 steps, translating to just a skosh under 16 km.



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