Gotta Love Live TV


Okay, so today’s DID is not one I actually did, but one I witnessed.

One of the freedoms of working from home is that you can occasionally indulge in some of life’s little extras – today I did this by watching the Oscars.

It hasn’t been the same watching the Academy Awards since I moved here because I’m without my friend Bill beside me, but I watch them and think of the many times we did.

The show got all the way to the last award. I was enjoying them as they were refreshingly relaxed this year, many thanks to Jimmy Kimmel’s hosting. I loved the addition of surprising tourists with walking them through the theatre – what an experience that must have been for these unsuspecting visitors.

The relaxed feeling and somewhat predictable winners all ended with the awarding of the last, the pinnacle, award for Best Picture. In can be summed up in one word, “AWKWARD!”

They read the wrong winner, naming LaLaLand incorrectly as the winner when it was actually Moonlight.

OOPS!  Gotta love live television!

And, while I didn’t do anything differently today, the Academy Awards sure did and I witnessed as it happened!


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