The One Of Clubs

img_4153If you know me, you probably know that unlike many Aussies, I’m not a regular “club” going gal.

For those of you not from Oz, here clubs are what we call our local community centres that act as neighbourhood gathering places and they usually have a selection of a few restaurants, bars, services, and pokey machines, some have gyms, some shops, etc. Almost every suburb has one and they are a very Aussie experience. Many people are members of a few clubs, but you can attend those you’re not a member of, but you won’t get member pricing.

There is nothing wrong with the club experience as many people I know visit their locals several times a week. My primary reason for going to ours is that that’s where my gym is.


So for today’s do it different I went to a club. I went to a club for lunch and enjoyed the experience almost as much as the company – thanks for a lovely visit Chris and Juli.

Then, to make it really different, I went to another club this evening for the last of Beryl’s birthday celebrations.

So, there we have it. Two clubs in one day. That’s definitely different for me.





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