Schrodinger’s Wine

Today’s DID wasn’t all THAT different but it still counts. And it wasn’t quite as embarrassing as the skipping my way around the neighbourhood that a friend suggested.  Maybe another day, after I’ve had some wine.

While I drink wine regularly, I don’t usually drink any vintage that’s over 4 or five years old. But today was going to be different. We had been given a couple of bottles of red from early 2000 to try.

Our neighbours who are moving were cleaning up and had these babies in their stash. I was a bit leery as I don’t think they were cellared properly but I remained hopeful.

So tonight Chris and I decided to crack one of them open, we were going to put an end to the Schrodinger’s wine experiment and finally determine whether we had a glorious drop we could savour through the evening or plonk that we’d pour down the drain.

First, we had to find the corkscrew.The cork split (not a good sign) but when poured, the contents looked intact – no separation, some defined legs. It smelled as a Shiraz should. No skunky smells, not too acidic, a tad spicy, but somewhat floral, which I thought strange.

With our anticipation growing, we were hopeful that we may well have something drinkable.

We poured a small glass, swirled it around and around, letting it breathe for the first time in 13 years.

I took a sip and…

It was acidic, a tad vinegary, and flat, not even close to the complex shiraz I’m used to drinking. Chris tried a tiny taste and he confirmed it.


Ah well, we did have another bottle on standby for the evening that was far more recent and more to our liking.

We appreciated the thought associated with this gift from our friendly neighbours and had some fun with the process and now the mystery is solved.

No more Schrodinger’s wine.



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