I Was The Client Today


A website is always a work-in-progress so, today I spent some time updating my business website…lindajohannesson.com/

I always seem to be doing this for my clients, but I rarely get the time to make changes to my own. Yes, I suffer from a classic case of “shoemaker’s children”.

I had a few hours not committed to clients this afternoon so I used them selfishly. I updated my plugins, changed some things, added new links and massaged a few of the words around a little. It was nice to be my own client for a while today. That was definitely doing things differently!

I still need to make a few more updates like creating a better page structure and adding some video and a few more portfolio images, but it’s definitely getting closer to how I want it, but I’ve actually allotted some time over the next few days to doing this so my website will be ready to march into March.

I have to say that from the days when I first began using WordPress, it has continued to evolve and improve and has become such a powerful platform that remains simple to use. So, a big shout out to WordPress for making this so much easier than it could have been.



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