You Say ‘Tomato’, I Say ‘Tomato’

Regardless of what you call it, this gorgeous summer fruit is one of the most versatile. You’ll see it in appetisers and sauces, salads and jellies, or served up on its own or paired with fresh herbs or fragrant cheeses. The tomato is tops for this foodie.

I love them! I love them all.

Whether they’re beefsteak, cherry, jubilee, kumatoes, roma, or any variety really. I’ll eat ’em.  Whether they’re red, orange or yellow, purple “black” or green, I will try and probably love them all.

So, it only made sense that if Sydney was having a Tomato Festival that I’d be there.

Today’s DID was me attending my very first celebration of the tomato.

It was no La Tomatina (on my bucket list!) but the Tomato Festival Sydney 2017 being held in the glorious Royal Botanic Gardens made an effort to celebrate my most favourite fruit.

There was the tomato-inspired long lunch (wish I had bought tickets), and there were foods and sauces to sample and buy to take home,  there were a few hands-on activities, workshops, cooking demos and a variety of stalls making up a produce market. There were a few activities for the kids and some competitions as well. You could buy tomato plants and fresh herbs too to take home and grow yourself.

I did expect to see many more fresh tomato varieties available for purchase from local farmers – in fact, I expected to see lots and lots of these, but this is where the festival came up a little short, in my opinion.

All in all, it was a lovely Saturday morning out with a fellow foodie friend. Good company, almost 10,000 steps taken out in the glorious sunshine walking through this beautiful park alongside one of the most magnificent harbours in the world, all to celebrate the humble tomato.

There are times when I feel so very blessed to live where I live. Today was one of them. Thanks Kim for accompanying me on this Saturday morning’s DID. I hope you enjoy your purchases as much as I anticipate that I’ll enjoy mine!



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