I wanted today’s DID to be a creative one.

I didn’t just want to wear, eat, go somewhere different. I wanted to create something that didn’t exist before, something new, something artistic. something uniquely me.

I wanted to embrace my creative side.

I didn’t have time to try my hand at painting, no one needs to hear me sing, and I thought taking photographS would be too easy a cop out.   Given I’m on my own tonight with Chris out, I wasn’t about to spend a couple of hours whipping up some fabulous gastronomical feast just for me. Then it hit me.

Then…SLAM… It hit me!

A while back I attended a semifinal of a NSW slam poetry competition and was quite inspired by the art form.The poetry was passionate, creative expressive, and topical. It moved me to hear the stories, thoughts, viewpoints, beliefs and values that were expressed by the poets on stage.

I even came home and wrote my very first piece of #slampoetry as a result.

Today, my DID is sharing it with you through the power of video.

Remember, this is my very first attempt, so be gentle! 😉


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