A “Tree” Hour Cruise!


sail2Enjoying the spectacular harbour is one of the great joys of living in Sydney. Seeing the city shrink as you leave her and then spying the seemingly unending variety of coves and harbours and bays and boats as you continue out,  the salt air filling your lungs, the kiss of sunlight warming your cheeks and the cool sea spray tickling you whenever it has its chance, ahh….being onboard a boat on Sydney Harbour is an amazing feeling.

A sailboat named “C-horse”, our skipper, John, his first mate, Lara, Sydney Harbour, a perfect summer afternoon, and a crew of old and new friends made up the ingredients for today’s DID.

I went sailing – real sailing – not a sailboat using the engine, but with real “tacking” and “jibing” and “running”, oh my!

You can view all the fun in the photo album here: https://goo.gl/photos/VAYHCRidUtefHUH28

It all started when Chris received a gift voucher for an adventure and decided he’d redeem it for a sailing experience.  Being the DID-gal I am now, I wanted to join him. I then put the offer out to other friends to see if some wanted to join. And they did. Mark, Craig and Des were keen to come along. So far, so good, that added up to me and four great guys on the boat. I could live with that.

Our captain managed to fill the three remaining spots because even after repeated efforts I couldn’t find any more of our posse to join us. If you’re interested in booking your own sailing experience through ASail tell John we sent you.

We had the great pleasure of meeting Edward from France, now living in Sydney because his wife got transferred here and the vivacious Nyree and Matthew, a young couple, Matthew from England, Nyree originally from Brisbane, living in London and currently visiting Sydney, enroute to Queensland.

We certainly were the league of nations on our boat – the countries represented were – Australia – Chris/John, Russia – Lara, Ireland – Des, France – Edward, England – Craig and Matthew, and Canada – Mark and me.

John and Lara provided us with a fabulous opportunity for a hands-on sailing experience and most of the guys participated willingly and with some pretty impressive skill.  I’ll admit to learning lots by observing and being the ship’s photographer, I’ll try my hand at it next time ’cause there’s going to be a next time.

As well as having an awesome few hours on the water, I learned a few things tonight:

  • I need to be more active in my learning, embracing the hands-on, experiential, and wholly participating in my learning
  • I’m not the only one on a journey of embracing unique and different experiences this year – from signing up to run a half marathon, to learning to tango, to embracing cross-fit, and taking up yoga, there are some lofty goals among this crew
  • I need to spend more time on the water – I find it so reinvigorating, relaxing and reflective
  • I absolutely love meeting and getting to know new people and hearing their stories (more of a reminder)
  • Blokes have come a long way!
  • I am blessed to live where I live, know who I know, do what I do, and be who I am and I am forever grateful for the opportunities that are availed to me.

So, a huge, “THANK YOU, MERCI, TANKS (dis one’s for you Des, see you came tird in de list!), CHEERS, CHEERS, MATE, and Спасибо” to everyone for making this a wonderful evening!




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