Do You Do?

I received a meetup email today suggesting a few other meetup groups that I might be interested in.

Guess what?

They were right.

My DID for today was joining the Freelancer Jungle meetup group.  They serve Sydney, The Gong, and Brisbane areas and have over 400 members, who like me are either solo-preneurs, freelancers, or otherwise independent.

As of today, they have one more.

Since its inception meetup rhas grown to become a global behemoth of connectivity and networking and I dare say, fun!

It seems there’s a meetup group for almost any interest you have. I’ve joined a few over the years, but think it’s time to really start making better use of my memberships and get more active in at least a few of these groups. Time for me to “meetup and do” a bit more.

I also learned that apparently, I have two personas on meetup – one that was developed for the author me and one for everything else. Time to amalgamate them and become one with meetup.

Maybe meetup is for you too. If you’ve got an interest, hobby, special skill, or you want to develop one, there’s probably a nearby meetup group that can help.  Like the video says, “meetup is for the ones who do”. (And, apparently, those of us who DID).

meetupSo, do you?

Why not join one today?



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